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Hi, I'm Madison

Full-Stack Web Developer


Meet App

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Pokedex App

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Chat App

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myFlix API

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myFlix App - React

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myFlix App - Angular

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Portfolio Website

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About Me

I’m a full-stack web developer with strong analytical skills and a passion for problem-solving. My previous roles have included training teams on new software, delivering excellent customer service, and providing creative solutions to complex problems in fast-paced work environments. My backgrounds in both music and chemistry have given me an extreme eye for detail, a deep understanding of the value of excellent teamwork, and an appreciation of writing clear and organized procedures and code. I am ready to bring my skills to a team focused on collaboration and the creation of dynamic front-end applications.

Outside of coding, I love to ski at a local mountain with my dad every winter. It is definitely the best way to spend the snowy months here in the Inland Northwest. I also really love cooking, baking, and trying new recipes. My lockdown bread of choice was vegan challah (it's super good). Traveling is another favorite pastime of mine, though that was a bit limited this last year. Thankfully, I had lots of good books to keep me company. My favorite author is V.E. Schwab. I could spend a lifetime in the worlds she creates (seriously check her out).

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